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Xendesktop Upgrades

The benefits to your business of implementing mobile working with Xendesktop 7 are substantial. But while simple to operate once it’s running, the process of upgrading to Xenserver and the latest version of Xendesktop can be complicated and risky.

Infiniti Cloud Solutions can look after the entire upgrade process for you. Whatever version of Xendesktop you’re currently using, our Citrix qualified engineers can upgrade your network to the latest version – Xendesktop 7 HDX with Nividia Grid.

Whether you require a small deployment of the provisioning disk to less than 100 desktops, or a corporate wide upgrade of several thousand VDI/remote access environments, our engineers possess the qualifications and experience to ensure the process is smooth, secure and reliable.

Infiniti Cloud Solution’s Xendesktop 7 upgrade service offers numerous benefits:

1. Avoidance of compatibility issues with safe profile and PVD management

Infiniti Cloud Solutions will help manage any external issues you may face with your new virtualization environment. This includes the fast, yet safe, management of profiles and personal vDisks (PVD) using Xendesktop 7’s new control functionality.

Using exclusion and permission rules, all profiles are migrated to the correct location, along with the filtering of corrupted data. When combined with Xenapps, this process ensures complex business app can be installed free from compatibility issues. In fact, your staff will be unaware an upgrade has even taken place.

2. Seamless integration of a corporate ‘Gold’ image with personal apps

Using PVD (Personal Virtual Disks) technology we can template a Gold image (corporate standard image) of all the organization’s applications on a provisioning disk. At the same time, users have the flexibility to install their own Xenapps without expensive integration solutions or the risk of downgrading performance.

3. Maximized data speeds with auto-routing to nearest data center

Gold provisioning disk images for the whole organization can be further optimized and replicated through the smart use of storage solutions. These allow global load balancing so that users are automatically redirected to their nearest data center for the best possible experience. Seamless failover is also ensures service is uninterrupted in the event of problems with the central data center or other disaster recovery scenarios.

4. Optimized traffic flow

Harnessing the new networking advances, enhancements and built-in intelligence that can be incorporated into networking infrastructures, we are able to automate and adapt the flow of data traffic in response to:

a) Latency of links

b) Traffic volume

c) Link failure

This smart direction of traffic ensures that users gain the best possible data connection for enhanced app performance.

5. Saved license costs

Infiniti Cloud Solutions can incorporate Xenapps into your upgrade without requiring any additional licenses. This offers huge cost savings over trying to manage it eternally and the risk of incurring additional expense.

For more information on the technical benefits you can gain with Infiniti Cloud Solution’s Xendesktop upgrade service, please get in touch to discuss your project with one of our expert engineers.