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Wireless & IPT Solutions

Wireless Expertise

At Infiniti Cloud Solutions, we have highly experienced Wireless Design and implementation Engineers, who have been involved in projects ranging from small greenfield office infrastructure projects to large Stadium wide, centralized wireless deployments, using the latest wireless analytics techniques and targeted market capturing tools, ie, defining VIP areas/users who can have different types of promotions, discounts, benefits or access depending on their subscription levels.

Our services include the option of passive, active, and predictive type Wireless surveys, each designed to either map details of the coverage of the existing Wireless infrastructure, or provide details of the optimum required Wireless infrastructure, (In the case of a Greenfield site)

  • Clearly identifying and negating cold spots,
  • Creation of a detailed floor plan(s) of the areas the wireless networks are to cover, taking into account user locations and potential obstacles
  • Determination of where the APs are to be located based on power and cabling points for connections to the rest of the network.
  • Estimation of the total number of APs needed for the optimised overall coverage.
  • Recommendation of replacement AP’s where applicable and/or the relocation of existing APs, depending on the results of the survey.
  • The provision of a full report of the findings and recommendations
IPT Solutions

As part of enabling us to provide the complete corporate solution to provide all aspects of our customers’ requirements. We also have a group of highly skilled IP telephony and Unified Communications experts, with the ability to customise Technical solutions to specific customer needs.

Experience includes:

Expertise on IPT and UC technology

  • IPT Design – single site and multi-site.
  • Call Manager Express/Call Manager/Unity Express/Unity solutions.
  • Selection and configuration of new IP phone systems/soft phone deployment
  • Simple/Complex dialling plan designs

Migration projects

  • from legacy PBX system to IP phone system
  • from small scale CME solution to CMA solution
  • Integration of Desktop Video for increased collaboration and user experience
  • Cost effective SIP based systems available for Corporate and Mobile options