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Secure Remote Solutions

Infiniti Cloud Solutions specializes in the provision of secure remote solutions harnessing the latest Xendesktop 7 virtual desktop platform. This best in class solution enables mobile workers to access the same data and applications on their mobile devices as they would on an office based desktop PC. Its centralized control of all data and applications also offers greater transparency, efficiency and tightened security of your sensitive business apps and data.

Switching to a Xenserver powered secure remote solution offers the following benefits:


The ability to access Xenapps and data on any device or client enables staff to perform productively from any location. Whether it’s on the commute, outside of normal office hours or any location, your staff will be able to enjoy a seamless roaming and data access experience.


Without a centralized network, your apps and data can spread onto devices out of your control. This poses severe security threats and the risk of vital data being lost or stolen. The Netscaler Access Gateway ensures that you have visibility and control of all data shared on Xendesktop 7. You can deactivate, block access or selectively wipe data at any time, giving you complete protection at all times.

Time Savings

Xendesktop 7 allows you to upgrade all apps, on every device across the network, at once. This offers huge time savings over updating each device individually, and ensures all patches and upgrades are applied, data is backed up and devices are fully supported.

Cost Savings

Traditionally, desktop PCs have to be replaced every few years. This is an inherently expensive and wasteful outlay which is outmoded and completely unnecessary with today’s desktop virtualization and provisioning disk technology. Instead, thin PC clients are used instead with all the upgrades taking place in the Xenserver data center. This allows the PC’s lifetime to be extended and gain significant cost savings, year on year.


Xendesktop 7 vastly simplifies app and desktop management. The removal of the need to manage each device individually allows your IT team to support a far larger fleet of laptops, phones and tablets in less time.

Manage Bring Your Own (BYO)

Rather than a threat to security, the consumerization of IT can be embraced. With Xendesktop 7 you can empower your mobile staff, with access to all Xenapps and data, while also protecting your IT infrastructure.

Data Sharing

Sharing large files via email, FTP or consumer grade data sharing systems is fraught with risks. It puts your business’ data out of your control, leaving it open to theft or loss. Productivity is also affected, with inboxes getting jammed trying to download large files. Hosting all your data in the Xenserver eliminates these risks while simplifying the sharing of data.

With such a wealth of benefits, it’s unsurprising that businesses worldwide are rushing to move from uncontrolled, dispersed networks to a centralized one that gives them complete control. Infiniti Cloud Solutions provides the technical expertise to make this transition to a Xenserver smooth, safe and secure, and gain all the benefits of vistualized desktops with minimal interruption to your operations.