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Migration from VMware Horizon 6

Xenserver and Xendesktop 7 set the standard for desktop virtualization, offering numerous benefits over VMWare Horizon 6. This includes:

1. Greater usability – Apps virtualized with VMWare have usability problems on mobile devices. This includes screen resizing issues and the inability to use apps with right click functionality. Xendesktop 7, however, provides you with access to five generations of Windows apps, via the Xenapps delivery platform, on mobile devices with same usability as on a desktop.

2. Faster – Xendesktop 7 can support data heavy apps with faster network performance than VMWare.

3. Easier to install – Xendesktop is less complicated to install, requiring half as many steps as VMWare and requiring only one console instead of four.

4. User control – Simplified self-service for BYO devices and personal vDisks (PVD). VMWare lacks this personalized level of support

5. Secure – Xenserver’s Netscaler Access Gateway offers robust security for apps and data far superior to that of VMWare

6. Smooth sharing – Sharefile integration for more reliable data syncing and more secure sharing

The benefits of migrating to Xenserver and Xendesktop 7 are obvious. But unfortunately many businesses have the incorrect perception that migrating will be expensive and complicated. In the face of these perceived risks, they’ll struggle on with their existing legacy systems and outdated apps. Ironically, in the long run this actually wastes more money, drains more of the IT team’s time and causes more security threats than if the business migrated to Xendesktop.

Allowing infiniti-cs to manage your migration will ensure it’s a success. With our expertise in desktop virtualization, we can ensure the deployment is fast, even if updating to a massive number of Xendesktops is required. In fact, with our provisioning services (PVS), we can complete the migrate up to eight times faster than normal

Migrating to Xendesktop 7 will provide you staff with the mobile experience they demand. It will provide your organization with a truly mobile workforce that’s ready and equipped to perform productively from any location.