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About Us

Your desktop, everywhere

In today’s digitally connected world, it’s normal to bring your work home with you. Forward thinking employers understand the benefits of giving staff network access to applications and data so they can complete tasks on any mobile devices.

Technological advances, such as the emergence of provisioning services (PVS) and secure business virtualization platforms like Xenapps, have made this possible. What’s more, the productivity gains can be achieved while expanding the security and integrity of your business network. Staff can gain seamless access to all assets they need without posing security risks or having to carry around bulky machines. Instead, they are free to get the job done at any time and from wherever they are.

What we do

Infiniti Cloud Solutions specializes in the deployment of an advanced set of business technology and network solutions. This includes the Xenserver desktop virtualization platform, Netscaler Access Gateways and Xendesktop 7 migration and upgrades. All of our services are fully customizable and tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients’ expansion and digital working strategy.

With over two decades of combined IT experience, our highly qualified team has the expertise you can rely on for a successful transition to Xenserver powered mobile working. All of our engineers are Citrix Certified Experts trained to the highest level of Virtualization architecture as well Networking Solutions Architects Certified up to CCIE level.

Xendesktop 7 – the world’s leading desktop virtualization platform

Xendesktop 7 is a powerful desktop virtualization tool for delivering Windows apps and desktops to mobile devices via a secure, cloud-ready platform. When delivered with the Xenapp compatibility solution, staff can access apps with the same functionality as on a desktop. This enables them to work remotely and deliver higher levels of productivity and contribution.

Infiniti Cloud services include: 
  • Networking infrastructure
  • Xendesktop migration
  • VMware migration
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Setup of provisioning disks
  • Creation of personal vDisks (PVD)
  • Virtualization upgrades
Why Choose Infiniti Cloud Solutions

At Infiniti Cloud Solutions, we understand that the best Xenserver setup is different for everybody. The optimum arrangement varies considerably depending on factors such as provisioning disk requirements, personal vDisk (PVD) setup and demands on the Netscaler Access Gateway.

As a result, as experts in the enablement of these new technologies, we work in partnership with you to identify the best solution. This ensures the Xenserver setup we install solves your business issues and allows you to fully empower mobile staff, without compromising on quality or performance.

With your business needs always changing, our implementation plans are also future-proofed to take into account your future requirements and any challenges that may occur, giving you peace of mind and control.

In a fast paced, dynamic industry, Infiniti Cloud Solutions services undergo continuous evaluation and assessment. Drawing on the feedback of clients, we observe an ethos of continuous improvement to help position ourselves as leaders in our industry for both technological performance and service.

For all enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team on:

  0800 689 3905